Our steady business management

Since our foundation in 1919, Irie has never delivered our operating earnings deficit. As a trading company specializing in science and technology, Irie Corporation has the history of steady business management as follows;

January,1919  Started physicochemical equipment manufacturing and import dealers as an individual sales (Irie Shoten) at 19 Ryukan-cho, Kanda-ku, Tokyo (present:Chiyoda-ku)
March,1928  Became a distributer of a quartz products of Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. (existing Toshiba Corporation)
March,1941 Changed to corporation organization, Capital: 190,000 yen (Limited liability company Irie Seisakusho)
July,1954 Organization change (changed to Irie Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)
August,1959 Established Osaka Sales Office (existing Osaka branch)
May,1967 Became a distributer of IWAKI CO.,LTD.
April,1970 Became the sole distributer of Toshiba reference thermometer, 624 ° C high thermometer, Toshiba color glass filter and interference filter.
April,1971 Became the photoelectric apparatus distributer of Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd. (existing TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE CORPORATION)
April,1977 Became the distributer of electronic device produced by Toshiba electron Division
April,1978 Became the distributer of Toshiba Glass Co., Ltd. (existing ASAHI TECHNO GLASS Corp.)
April,1980 Established Kyushu Sales Office (existing Kyushu Branch)
December,1982 Became the distributer of Nihon Millipore K.K. (existing E. Merck Japan Limited and Nihon Entegris K.K.)
April,1983 Established Saijyo District Office (existing Shikoku Sales Office)
September,1985 Established Ichikawa distrihutiion Center (Ichikawa-city, Chiba)
April,1989 Became the distributer of Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
February,1991 Established South Kyushu Sales Office
April,1994 Became the distributer of Shibaura Engineering Works Co., Ltd.(existing Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation)
July,1996 Capital increased to 45 million yen
April,2003 Became the domestic sole distributer of the luminometers of TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE CORPORATION
March,2004 Established Hikone District Office
January,2005 Company renamed to Irie Corporation
February,2006  ISO 14001 certificate acquisition
March,2006  Established Electronics Sales Department
March,2008 Established Hiroshima Sales Office
February,2009 Started overseas support business
November,2015 Established Tsuruoka District Office
February,2017 Acquired all shares of FIT Leadintex, Inc.
March,2017 Established Naka District Office